Breast Cancer Test May Limit Chemo

Chemotherapy is a traumatic and physically taxing ordeal for cancer patients. What if a test existed to determine whether a cancer patient could actually benefit from chemo? For many breast cancer patients, that futuristic technology has become widely available. A gene test can determine whether a cancer patient is at risk for cancer recurrence; if not, chemotherapy might not be necessary. The patients may be able to instead simply take a hormone pill to balance their physical systems. Many cancer patients would welcome the opportunity to know more about their risk of recurrence, not to… Read More →

Helicopter Puts a Spin on Proposal

It was a proposal out of a space-age fairy tale. Although many men seek to surprise their beaus when popping the big question, San Francisco’s Jason Muscat may have devised the ultimate strategy for proposing to his pregnant girlfriend. Muscat enlisted the help of a remote-control helicopter for his unique proposal. Not only was the helicopter a cheeky way to have the ring delivered; it also provided an unusual photo opportunity! The pictures on the Daily Mail site give an unusual perspective on this major life moment. Needless to say, the man’s fiancee was thrilled… Read More →

Boy’s Wish: Pro Soccer Game

The Make A Wish Foundation has been granting requests for terminally ill children for decades, but this might have been one of the more unusual — and touching — activities. A young Portland boy asked that his youth league team, the Green Machine, be permitted to play a game against local MLS superstars the Timbers. When most kids ask t go to Disneyland or some other similar location, Atticus Dupre chose instead to share his wish with 10 of his teammates! Atticus scored four goals against the pro team, which lost the match to the… Read More →

How to Avoid Dieting Mistakes

So, you’ve decided to improve your health by changing your diet. Whether you’re attempting to slim down or shape up, you could be unknowingly sabotaging your efforts before you even begin! Nutritionists say that many dieters struggle with pitfalls such as assuming that good calories do not count. If you are eating too many calories, it doesn’t matter whether you are eating veggies or cupcakes — you are unlikely to lose weight. Further, nutritionists say you should avoid eliminating entire food groups unless you are instructed to do so by a physician; not everyone needs… Read More →

Highway Helper Sows Seeds of Kindness

We’ve all been there … stranded on the side of the road because our tire blew or our fuel pump finally decided to surrender to age. What a comfort it would be to know that someone was on their way to help! For the people of San Diego, Thomas Weller is that person. Cruising the highways in his Ghostbusters-inspired fix-it mobile, this career mechanic spends much of his time lending aid to those in need on local highways. He doesn’t ask for payment; he just requests that others pass on the kindness he has given… Read More →

Teacher’s Poem Pushes Students to ‘Fly’

I taught inner-city youth in New Orleans high schools. As a result, I can appreciate the difficulties that many of these populations face. They face so many barriers to their education — including family problems, financial shortages and lack of social support — that few are able to even read at grade level. Imagine if every disadvantaged child had access to a teacher like the one who wrote this poem. This man, driven by compassion for his students, has written a bittersweet, moving work that was set to music and a video. If you’re looking… Read More →